Illustration by : Mandy Well

Welcome to the Daily Drama on bangbangblond.com ! A new illustrator (Mandy Well) in guest today on the blog.

Daily Drama? High heels can be a girl's best friend, don't you feel more confident and more elegant with a pair of heels? I'm sure you do but sometimes it can be a little tricky to walk in.

Everywhere in the world you can find cobbled streets and they are all notorious for catching heels! It's a dangerous zone for even the most experienced woman and we are simply destroying our precious high heels!!

BBB tips for the cobbled streets?  Thinner is your heel more risk you take! If you walk
with wedges or with a pair of block heels you should be fine. Try to wear a pair that fits you perfectly, if they are a little too big, you could loose your shoes behind you (what is kind of embarrassing)… Be confident and don't walk too fast!


  1. i need to get more used to walking in heels, and being confident to wear them in the day ! i get trouble with rubbing and aches after a few hours which i'm trying to battle
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  2. Love the illustrations! So cute!