Denim and a White Coat.

Photography by May

Good morning everybody, I hope you all spent a fabulous christmas with your family.  We have been talking about it for months and it's gone so fast! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed to not even see the snow, it was a kinda christmas with a spring weather in Switzerland. It happens :)

The year is slowly getting to the end and I am now thinking about next year project and new "resolutions". I am not talking about resolutions like "going to the gym 4 times a week" or "not eating Mcdonalds every Sunday"  because I know I won't keep them more than a week! It is more about fixing new goals for the upcoming year. Oh I wanted to tell you that my horoscope (sagittarius) said that I was going to enjoy the most amazing year of my life in 2016! I hope I will have tons and tons of contents to share with you and also a few trips abroad. 

Those pictures were taken a few weeks ago when my hair were still "Greige" (Mix between grey and beige). Have you seen my new haircolor? I just did a few days ago a strawberry blond! Head on my instagram (@bangbangblond) or snapchat (bangbangblond) if you didn't seen it yet! The look was very casual and I paired a total denim look. Since I received a few levi's jeans from Zalamdo, I can't stop wearing them. They are honestly simply, perfect! 

Outfit of the day

Coat : La Redoute
Shirt : Zara
Bag : Gucci
Sunnies : Dior
Boots : Zara

Ray of Lights.

Photography by May.

Hello Good morning! I am running on vacay time with my articles on the blog but holiday season is for everybody right? 

So here is a look we shoot a few days ago with my talented friend May. I've been lately literally in love with this new faux fur jacket that my friend offered me for my birthday! To be honest with you, I almost wear it everyday since I got it! Unfortunately , you can't see all the details of this jacket on the pictures but it's bi-material and there is so many details on the back, just crazy! luv it!

Today is about to be a very busy day as I am about to work with my mother on tonight dinner. We still have so much to do and without to mention that I still have a few gifts missing... well I found 1 on 3 that I need... So it's literally going to be a crazy busy day! This christmas is quite special as for the first time since ages we are going to do a little dinner at my parents place. We used to celebrate with my entire family (~30 persons) and grand parents but unfortunately my grand mother passed away at the beginning of the year so we decided to have a small & cozy christmas at home. 

I won't be any longer, I wish you all a fabulous christmas, eat a lot, drink a lot and give a lot! It's only once a year so enjoy the moment as much as you can!

By the way, the winner of the last contest on the blog is Jessica K. ! Congrats to her and I will come with much more giveaway for you next year! 

Outfit of the day
Pants "Culotte" : Zara
Turtle Neck : Zara
Jacket : H&M trend collection
Boots : Zara
Bag : Zara

Something Different.

Photography by May

Something different. As you know my everyday make up routine is mainly based on my eyeliner which is something I can't live without! Lucky me, this year, the eyeliner were everywhere and different! I styled this graphic eyeliner look which is very simple to realise and totally wearable for the day! Because yes, I have to admit that some graphic liner look can make very "catwalk" and not everyday look. 

It's christmas soon and I was thinking about to give away a little gift that will be useful for most of you during this holiday season! What do you think about getting a manicure and your eyebrows done at the NAIL BAR & the BROW BAR (Swiss resident only)?

And guess what, I tried it for you before :) As a crazy "eyebrow" control freak, I've never let anyone do anything to them. I did it for the first time at the Brow Bar in Geneva a few weeks ago and was amazed by the result! They use the threading epilation, the final result look fabulous but you will have to "suffer" for a few minutes (don't worry, they are really fast!) 

During this period of the year, most of us are so busy and can't find the time to do our nails. Maybe one of you could get a last minute rendez-vous before the celebrations? So try it!


1x manicure (U-cure) at the Nail Bar (Fribourg - Vevey - Lausanne - Genève - Neuchâtel)
1x eyebrow (Indian dreams) at the Brow Bar (Lausanne - Genève)

HOW TO (VERY EASY) TAKE PART to the giveaway?

- Leave a comment below and tell me which is your favorite nail color.
that's it! 
(FR : laissez un commentaire en dessous de cet article en me disant quel est votre couleur d'ongle favorite?)

1 winner will be contacted MONDAY MORNING so you can enter this giveaway until sunday the 20th december 2015 at 00:00! I have to say it again, it's only for my swiss people!
Concours référencé par &

The Secret

Here is a little video which is perfect for the season as we all want to get the perfect look for the christmas dinner and the New Year's Eve!

I receive a few months ago the "Curl Secret"and the brand new Hairdryer "Pro Digital" by Babyliss. I invite you to watch the video and see how easy it is to use those products. The curl secret which is an autocurl product for an effortlessly curly hair look and the the hairdryer which is just the strongest I've never had  and will dry your hair like by your favorite hairdresser!
BBB idea : a good present for Xmas (available HERE)

Happy Birthday !

Hello Hello everybody! Here I am, a bit older but still the same! 

I've been thinking a lot about how to celebrate my birthday this year. My main idea was to have a dinner with my family on that day and organising at home a little party for my main friends during the weekend. As some of them were already busy on saturday night (yes.. I often do things last minute and told them only a few days before^^), I decided to host a little dinner on Sunday night! Food Food Food, most of you already know my family tradition :  McDonald's on Sunday evening. So can you guess what I decided to cook for my guest? Homemade Burgers! Let me describe how it was in one word  : DELICIOUS!

I spent such a fabulous evening eating my favorite food with all my favorite people around me (some of them were unfortunately missing).  So now discover some pictures of my friends & I!

Hey Grey.

Photography by : May

I love fall & winter season because it means layering and playing with volume. What I love the most is wearing those fluffy faux fur coat. This model from Soft Gray (available HERE) is one of my favorite in my coats collection. 

It's been a while that I didn't wear a turban and to be honest I totally forgot about it! When I saw it last week in between my beanies and my bandanas, I wanted to wear it directly as my hair were all curly (thanks Curl Secret) but still a bit wild!

P.S : It' my BIRTHDAYYYYY tomorrow!

Outfit of the day :

Wide Leg Short : La Redoute, HERE
Shirt : ba&sh
Coat : La Redoute, available HERE
Turban : Zara (last season)
Bag: Elleme

The Wind Blowing

After a lazy weekend spent with my closest friend, I am ready to start a new week. Exciting about tomorrow as I am leaving for Zurich to attend the Xmas Dinner with my favourite team from Zalando! Everything make me believe that it will be an amazing dinner and crazy pre-christmas celebration! By the way, Have you seen the new Zalando campaign #Shareyoursexy? For this new movement, I received from Zalando the CK underwear set in black and was literally so happy as I wanted it for months and months! Are you going to take par to this conversation and share what is sexy for you with the hashtag #shareyoursexy?

Now I can tell it's winter. The cold wind was totally freezing my face on that day. I am wearing this soft and warm scarf from comma which was needed and perfect to bundle up.

Outfit of the day :

Dress : Zara
Coat : Zara
Boots : La Redoute, available HERE
Scarf : Coma
Sunnies : Céline