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This is the end of the story, New York I love you more. Now that I am back in Switzerland, it's time to look back at all those unforgettable moments. Spending 3 weeks in the city was amazing. I still have a few post shoot there to share with you but first I wanted to end the week with some Instagram pictures I took during my trip. I tried to share as much as possible with you which is a mission accomplished as I shared approximatively 150 pictures in 23 days! 

I am back home with so many memories engraved in my head. First we reached 10K on Instagram on the first day I was there, what an amazing gift to have you all with me in this adventure! Attending the New York Fashion Week was incredible and I definitely can't wait to rock some new style next seasons! Braving the cold weather wasn't easy at all, can you believe that I survived at -20°C? 

I would like to say a special thank you to Redken, Zalando, Shashi, Hare and HartSwarovski and also to miu miu, prada and Dolce&Gabanna for all those amazing sunglasses that I've been rocking everyday! I also want to thanks those girls behind the camera, Jordan M Ball, Kelsea Kosko and my dear friend Romina from

xxx BBB


Photography by : Romina Ch.

Sometimes all you want is wearing a casual outfit with a pair of sneakers even more after the crazy Fashion Week. Having a pair of sneakers on my feet seems like heaven! We shoot these pictures last Sunday while we were about to have a little brunch at the restaurant "Egg" in Williamsburg. This restaurant is located in a very cool neighbourhood in Brooklyn. If you go there plan to have a lot of fun as you can draw on the table and be an artist during your lunch! This place is very famous for breakfast, I would definitely recommend you to have one of their delicious Omelets!

Concerning my outfit, I was wearing something very casual and comfy. I bought this pair of Nike Huarache a few days ago in New York and I am so happy to have found them as I wanted them for months! Wearing sneakers start to be more recurrent for me which surprised myself! You may know that I used to only wear heels everyday of my life! Do I become lazy with age? haha I have no idea  about it but the only thing that I can tell you is "Hell Yeah I love wearing flats"!

Today I won't write a novel as I am leaving New York tomorrow and I still have a thousands things to do before leaving - Meetings, Shopping, Lunch with friends, Packing etc etc. So I wish you all a fabulous day and don't forget following my last hours in New York on instagram @bangbangblond

- I am wearing -
Jacket : Ellos
Pants : H&M Studio collection
Cardigan : H&M
Shirt : H&M
Hat : H&M
Sneakers : Nike Huarache
Sunglasses : Ray Ban Clubmaster
Backpack : Vintage Versace


Photography by : Jordan M Ball
Monday comes always too fast, even more this week! I can't believe that I am unfortunately leaving New York in a few days. I already spent more than 3 weeks here and I don't realise at all! So many memories but time went so fast!

Here is an outfit we shoot a few days ago on the 5th Avenue, on that day I went on the top of the rock to admire the view one more time. This is a kind of ritual for me as every time I come to New York I go up, this is always a magical moment that I enjoy a lot. I was wearing my baby blue Maje coat that I belted to make it a bit different than usually. I also wore my "perfect" pair of black boots which are so comfy to walk with, this is quiet rare for a pair of heels.

- I am wearing -

Coat : Maje
Jeans : H&M
Boots : Zara
Belt : Vintage Yves Saint Laurent
Bag : Tory Burch
Sunglasses : Miu miu, available here
Hat : H&M


Photography by : Romina Ch.

Here is the outfit in collaboration with Zalando that I wore to attend one of my favourite brand's show during Fashion Week - Mara Hoffman. 

Since a few years, I am a huge fan of her bohemian style and addict to her iconic prints. I fell in love with the new collection, Mara Hoffman stand up and showed something different. During the show, the models were wearing MAJESTIC messy fish braids. You can see below some pictures of the show. 

I am currently having my last days in New York and try to enjoy those moments as much as possible. Don't forget to follow me through instagram @bangbangblond.

- I am wearing - 

Coat : Sisley from Zalando, available here
Dress : Escada from Zalado, available here
Boots : Paco Gil from Zalando, available here
Sunglasses : Miu Miu, available here
Clutch : Sandro Paris

In front of the show with my dear friend Romina from the blog 

Pictures of the show,