The Power of the Stiletto.

Photography by May

The power of the Stiletto, have you ever look at a powerful woman shoes? Most of the time you will see a serious pair of high heels on her feet! Black stiletto have this power to turn you into a different person! Of course, you can be very chic and elegant with a pair of flats but girls, nothing compare to a pair of black high heels! It intimidates people around you and it also make you feel more confident and sexy. 

I paired my pair of favorite black stiletto with a mom jeans. I want to say that wearing a mom isn't always easy as it isn't the most flattering fit. What I especially like with this look is that if you  change your heels into a pair of sneakers, the outfit will look very cool but so different!

by the way, the countdown starts again ! 8 days left before heading back to my favorite city, New York! I am so excited about it and I can't wait to share my food, what I see, what I do, what I think during the 3 weeks I will spend there! let me screammmm my happiness ! I can't wait to go up the Rockfeller Building again and admiring the breathtaking view from the top! I do it every time I go in Gotham and definitely can't get enough of it!

Wearing :

Coat : Miopo
Knit : Zara
Mom Jeans : H&M
Heels : Bata
Hat : H&M
Belt : Vintage YSL

Knit & White.

Photography by : Stéphane Mirao

I love wearing white during the snowy day! I always feel like I am blending with the background and the snow! When I hear people saying that white isn't a "color" to wear during the season, it makes me wanna scream! Hell yeah! Wear white and mix with different materials like knit, denim etc!

It's not that often that I tie my hair in a bun, you may have seen that! But on a bad hair day, which happens often in winter when it's cold and snowy, sometimes you just don't want to deal with them and end with doing a big messy bun!

Oh and I almost forgot to talk about my new Céline sunnies that I love! I didn't resist when I saw them in the store and thought we never have enough sunglasses, even during winter!

Outfit :

Knit : Zara
Pants : H&M Studio Collection
Coat : Sisley via Zalando
Sunglasses : Céline Paris
Bag : Soft Grey via La Redoute (available HERE and -40%!
Boots : Zalando

Layers and Stripes.

Photography by : May

The power of a red, deep & dark Lipsticks when the cold weather get you down! No, no, no and no, we don't need any special occasion to wear bold lips! If you are not ready for the "vamp" style, you can go with pink or a light red. If you are running late and don't have time to pamper yourself as usual, swipe on some lipstick! I swear, you will look dressed with 

In the winter season, I love layering my clothes. Many fabrics are way too light to be worn when it's -7° C outside. The best (and only) alternative is to add multiple layers. Inspired by the one and only Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller, I decided to add a jeans under my dress to face the cold.
Outfit :
Striped Dress : ZARA
Denim : La Redoute
Jacket : ZARA
Heels : ZARA
Lipstick : NYX, Soft matte lip cream 


Photography by May

Hello Monday! Well it's 00:20 when I am writing this so yes, hello monday! I just came back from watching the movie Joy ans honestly I am kind of perplex about it. I thought it would be a great movie (actors that I love in it) and all my friends and I were disappointed....The story is good and everything... but god... it was slow! Anyway, If you have watched it or want to, let me know what you think about it, I am curious :)

It starts being cold right now in Switzerland and I am so happy to have all my winter coats to keep me warm. This jacket is a gift from my lovely mummy for christmas, she knows me so well! I definitely love everything fluffy, furry, wildy etc... haha ! 

Outfit of the day

Faux Fur Jacket : Avant première
Glittery Boots : Minelli, available HERE
Vintage Bag : Vintage Louis Vuitton
Jeans : Levi's via Zalando
Asymetrical Top : Zara
Black Shades : Céline Paris

Blogger Secret.

Life is pretty but it looks even prettier when you enhance it!

If you are reading this, it means you have to keep a secret! Today I decided to share with all of you all my little secret  for editing my instagram pictures! So keep it hush-hush!

The first advice I will give to you is : don't over edit you pictures. The reality looks pretty, just enhance your pictures, remove weird colors or shadow but don't take away the nature of your picture. I use most of those apps to rectify the reality, because sometimes what you see and how it looks in pictures is totally different!

First I am going to tell you all the apps that I use and also some tips on how to catch a good shot!

Editing apps :

I especially love this app, all the filters will give a really cool mood to your pictures. I use it mostly to add filters. VSCO editing tools are also pretty good and easy to use for beginners.  I use a lot the tool "clarity" that I always add before saving my picture. My favorite filters and most used for my instagram pictures are : HB1 - HB2 - Q2 - A6

This is my favorite app as it has most of the tool you can find in the lightroom program which I use to edit the pictures on my blog. I like the fact that you can change the saturation of every color separately (which you can't with most other apps). Want to enhance the green color of your pullover without looking like you came back from vacation with an orange tan? Just raise the saturation of the green color! If you took a "shitty" picture with tons of grain? This mostly happens when the lighting is bad, you can easily reduce the noise on the picture and take out the grain.

A MUST HAVE! Amen, if you don't know this app you will probably download it right after reading this! The tool "brush" will probably save your life! Do you hate looking at your pictures and seeing shadows that damage their quality or white backgrounds which look more yellow ? You can use the "brush Dodge & Burn" or the "Brush Saturation" to take away all those shadows and color problems!

I use to edit most of my pictures with this app before knowing VSCO and snapseed. Afterlight is a great editing and filter app. It is more general but it is still a good one that I use from time to time.

If a blogger tells me she/he has never used Facetune, I will scream "What a pretty little liar! " haha! I use this app when little "problems" happen! Don't forget that we are all humans, do you think the cover of ELLE isn't photoshopped as hell?... Facetune is a kind of photoshop which will very very easily help you take away an unwanted spot on your face! A must have for all the selfies lovers, to use with moderation if you don't want to look like a barbie!

1. It's okay to take 3 minutes before starting to eat to rearrange the table!

2. Layout your favorite items and don't be afraid to crop your pictures to give more dynamism.

3. Every coffee you drink look pretty in pictures! Stand up, reorganise the table, add the Menu (only if it looks pretty) and take a few pictures.

4. Don't be ashamed to ask your friend to take a pictures of you! They will most of the time say "yes, of course babe"! If you are the picky kind of girls, tell them exactly what you want to see in the picture (Full body, background etc). Don't forget that some of them are not used to, so make sure to tell them to take a few of them.

5. Selfie Game Strong! How to take the best selfies? First, you have to know which is your best angle (at least the one you prefer^^). Once you got that, all your selfie session will be a real success.  The light is the most important things, the best is to be in front of a window, there is nothing better than the natural light which is "white".

6. Watch your steps! When you are walking in the street, look around you, there is always something pretty to snap! Flowers, floors and even simply 

7. Look up in the sky. We don't always realise but there is always something pretty if we look up. 


Photography by May

Hello and Happy New Year to all of you! After all those food overdose and all the excess, it's slowly time to get back to a normal life!

This is my first article on the blog with my new hair color! Strawberry blond, nice to sweet you :) After a few months with grey hair, I wanted to change for something more bright. After spending hours and hours at my favorite hair salon (Césium, Lutry) we came out with this result! There is tons and tons of different shades of strawberry blond and to be honest I prefer like this than with the grey, what do you think?

On these pictures, I am wearing a knit wide leg trousers that I bought at Zara. The material of it is very heavy and will keep you warm during winter. I paired it with my faux fur and a laced top. It's all about mixing different material with different shades of grey and black.

Jacket : H&M Trend collection
Trousers : Zara
Top : Zara
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Bag : Gucci