The Power of the Stiletto.

Photography by May

The power of the Stiletto, have you ever look at a powerful woman shoes? Most of the time you will see a serious pair of high heels on her feet! Black stiletto have this power to turn you into a different person! Of course, you can be very chic and elegant with a pair of flats but girls, nothing compare to a pair of black high heels! It intimidates people around you and it also make you feel more confident and sexy. 

I paired my pair of favorite black stiletto with a mom jeans. I want to say that wearing a mom isn't always easy as it isn't the most flattering fit. What I especially like with this look is that if you  change your heels into a pair of sneakers, the outfit will look very cool but so different!

by the way, the countdown starts again ! 8 days left before heading back to my favorite city, New York! I am so excited about it and I can't wait to share my food, what I see, what I do, what I think during the 3 weeks I will spend there! let me screammmm my happiness ! I can't wait to go up the Rockfeller Building again and admiring the breathtaking view from the top! I do it every time I go in Gotham and definitely can't get enough of it!

Wearing :

Coat : Miopo
Knit : Zara
Mom Jeans : H&M
Heels : Bata
Hat : H&M
Belt : Vintage YSL

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