A Berliner Story

I am not very logical how I post my article sometimes, but I wanted to share with you what I did and what happened when I was in Berlin. Little Throw Back, tt was just before the trip in Munich! So, I was invited by Bonprix in Berlin for the launch of their special designer collection - Bon Prix x Marcell von Berlin. Tons of "Berlin" in this last sentence hahah !

I had my flight super early in the morning (6am) and had to wake up at 2am on that day to head to the airport... It was a hard moment, I have to admit it! We had a super nice hotel booked in the center of the city and lucky me, I had a little hour in the morning to nap before heading to the Bon Prix event. It was needed as I even fell asleep in the car driving us to the Hotel... First, we started with a visit of the Marcell von Berlin Atelier. It was very interesting to see how everything is going inside of a "couture" atelier. Yes, Marcell von Berlin is first known for it's couture dresses that many celebrities wear for Red Carpet event! Then, we headed to a shooting studio in the City. A make-up Artist and a Hairdresser was here to pamper us for the photoshoot. I've tried a few items from this special, collection and literally crush on this "YES" Bombers and clutch! What do you think? Isn't that super cool?

I am wearing :
Bombers Jacket : BonPrix
Denim : Pull & Bear
Clutch "YES" : BonPrix
Boots : Jonak, La Redoute

What to wear to a Wedding

A Wedding is such an important moment in a woman life! But today we are not talking about the bride (I have no idea about this topics...) but about what to wear when you are invited to a wedding! 

Attending a wedding is always something that we love, I mean this is such a beautiful day with tons of emotions and of course tons of good food and champagne! But there is also something super important about this kind of event, having the right outfit! Your outfit has to be fabulous but not as fabulous as the bride! She is THE girl of the day, you are a guest. Don't forget that if you want to keep her/him as a friend or family member!

Rule N° 1 : that I ask you to respect : don't wear white. Please, there is tons and tons of other color in the world, so let the white for the bride and wear something else! The only reason you could skip this rule is if the dress code of the wedding is "all white"... but I mean it's the only exception! If you arrive in white at my wedding, I would kick you out haha!

Rule N°2Wear a little clutch, a large bag isn't really appropriate for this type of day. You don't need much things with you on that day.

Rule N°3If the wedding is catholic and is going to be held in a church you should respect the tradition and cover your arms with a blazer or a little jacket.

In collaboration with Minelli, I created this look that I would for sure wear for a wedding. I am showing you on this picture the look with/without jacket. Exit the "so cliché" little dress, I decided to base my look around this Culotte pants. Wedding doesn't mean having the obligation to wear a dress or skirt, matching an elegant trousers can be super chic as well! For the little fairy touch, I added this little top with feather and did a little braid in my hair. On my feet, I am wearing the perfect nude sandals which is super comfortable and allow you to dance all night! Oh and don't forget to bring with you some make-up for a little "touch up" during the day. After spending hours and hours talking, dancing and eating you lipstick or your complexion may need a little extra.


By the way, as we created this look with Minelli, we are offering to one of you the possibility to win a CHF 200.- voucher that you can use in any Minelli store in Switzerland. Head on my Facebook page (HERE) and follow the instruction, it is super easy peasy!

I'm wearing
Culotte Pants : Zara
Top : Mango
Jacket : Zara
Bag : Minelli
Heels : Minelli, available HERE

Photography by Ken Moos.

Marie Jo Event in Munich

Hey guys, do you remember my last trip in Munich with Marie Jo Lingerie? Here is finally the pictures of the event! 

Invited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famous Avero Bra, we had a wonderful dinner organised for this special occasion. Blogger and Press from Germany and Switzerland were all reunited in a flower inspired dinner.

It's all about flowers

Everything was organised for us, I flew from Geneva to Munich and arrived at the Cortiina hotel booked by the brand in the center of Munich (A super good address by the way!). I had a few hours before the dinner and had the time to work on a few email and get ready.

The dinner location was gorgeous and I had so much fun with the other bloggers! In fact, the moment we shared was super pleasant. It was all about celebrating with them this special anniversary! The food was super delicious (flowers in every plate) and we even took part of a cooking lesson. To be honest, at this time I wasn't very concentrate and was talking with people more than cooking but at least I made my own dessert plate! The funny story is that my mother's name is Marie-jo! hahaha, I've never seen & heard her name so many time in a row... damnnn my mother follow me everywhere! I even had a cooking apron with her name on it... so cliché mummy!

I knew the Avero bra before this event, It is such an iconic model with the lovely flower on the strap (sooooo coachella by the way!). For this occasion, You can create your own Avero Bra online. 20 people will WIN their unique design and have their own Avero Bra made in the Belgium ateliers of Marie Jo. Isn't that amazing?

For this event, I was wearing a very summery outfit with this new pink Culotte from Zara and this fabulous pair of Schutz sandals.

I'm wearing:
Top : BA&SH
Culotte : Zara
Heels : Schutz, via Zalando - available HERE
Choker : Zara

Photography by Marc Wittkowski

My Current Skin Care Must Haves.

Skin care is something I am always happy to talk about. I mean, of course, our generation is so into make-up, contouring and whatever but for a nice makeup you need an healthy skin! 

I have to admit that I am pretty lucky with my face skin, thanks god for that! Until now, I've never had any big skin problems and never used any special treatments for acne. I am convinced that what you eat is reflected on your skin and I most of the time eat kind of healthy. Of course, I also indulge myself a Mcdonald's every sunday (yes, once a week... it's a family tradition^^) and also some pizza from time to time. But everyday of the week, my lunch is composed with mostly vegetables. Nothing better for your skin and it has been proven! I also make super often my own fresh juice, with carrot, ginger, pineapple, apple, orange, grapes and whatever I have in my fridge. It's all about a concentrate of vitamins!

But I know that sometimes, eating good is one thing but you also have to give to your skin the hydration it needs. I realised a few years ago that investing in a good skin care which is suitable to your skin is super important. I will never say that the most expensive cream is the best but I know that I am super picky with the smell and the texture of the products. Why? for example, I hate when the cream is to heavy. I like to put my day cream and straight after start my makeup! that's the reason why I used to only put gel cream for the day. It is way lighter but depending on the season it isn't enough hydration for my skin.

I recently changed a little my beauty routine. After the winter season, my skin was dryer than before. I am right now using some products of the the EDELEIS range from Chlorys, the IBUKI range from Shiseido and Bobbi Brown. I am also using some other products like the Micellar Lotion from Avène in alternance with my Chlorys tonic lotion. 

Let me share my current skin care must haves.

Finally a cream that I like, as I said I was only into gel cream before.The fragrance is super fresh (thanks to the Alpenrose), so hydrating and super comfortable. I can start my makeup straight after as the cream get into the skin super fast! Highly suggested, you will LOVE it! This product is from 25 years old recommended as it also acts on the first sight of ageing. To be honest, it is super freaky for me to think about wrinkles now... but I mean, I am 26! It's better to prevent right now!

Cleaning my skin after makeup is very important for me. I put makeup and fondation everyday on my skin. After removing my makeup and washing with water, I have always this feeling that my skin isn't clean enough and that I still have makeup on it. So, I always use a tonic lotion before starting my moisturising routine. I love this one from Chlorys as it is a super smooth emulsion which don't give you this tighten sensation on your face. 

My favorite product ever! Before reading that, you need to get your own pot! I am a huge fan of shiseido products since forever and this sleeping mask is pure heaven! So, this is an over-night leave-on mask (I don't like when I have to wait 15 minutes and having to taking off...)! This is not greassy and not sticky at all which is something super important for me as I honestly hate this feeling at night! Inside, you have vitamin capsules (E and C) which will make your skin appearing radiant and super bright in the morning! I especially love the fragrance of it - you definitely need this mask at home, trust me!!

My last discovery from shiseido which has been tested and validate! As you may have understand on the blog, I've been traveling and having some super long day recently. I always need my makeup to be radiant and fresh like it has been done 10 min ago. Before, I used go for a little "makeup refresh" session 1 or 2 times a day and especially for my complexion. Since a few weeks, I've been spraying my face with this quick fix mist every time I was feeling my skin getting shiny. This is exactly the refresh needed which will also re-hydrate and help your makeup to stay longer. I have this product everywhere I go, it is small and can get into any of my bags which is better than carrying all my makeup for a refresh! 

The radiance boost mask is actually an exfoliating mask. I use it approximatively once a week under the shower and leave it for 2-4 min while shampoing my hair. I've been using this product for almost 6 month now and I've been seeing my skin getting softener month after month. I like it because first, I don't have to wait too long (I know, I have no patience) and and second, you can feel your skin soft and fresh directly!

I hope this article was interesting and can help you guys! I know that we don't have all the same needs for our skin but this is what I actually use. So, If you have a skin like me which get dry during winter but also can be shiny during summer and don't have any acne problems, you may LOVE those products as  much as me!

Photography by Ken Moos at the W Hotel in Verbier

Denim Crush.

Do you know what is love at first sight? I mean it never happens for me to a man but at least it happened for a denim! When I saw this mom jeans on a blog moodboard (sorry, I don't remember which one it is...) my eyes literally bumped! I knew at this moment that I needed this model in my life or should I say in my wardrobe! It never happens to me but I directly call the Pull & Bear store near me to ask them if they had it and lucky me, they still had my size in store! A few hours later, I was their buying it and wearing it straight after! 

Since a few, I started a real obsession with denim. Strange, me, the girl who used to only wear skirts, dresses and trousers. My taste in fashion are often periodic and I can say that I am now totally in the denim period!

I am wearing :
Mom Jeans : Pull & Bear, available HERE
Top : Zara
Leather Jacket : Villa
Bag : Gucci Soho leather mini chain bag, available HERE

Photography by : Romina C. blaastyle.com

Windy in Berlin.

Hello Hello ! Just came back from Munich were I spent less than 24 hours for an event. It was super quick but so awesome! I mean, traveling for the blog is simply amazing and sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize it! I don't know if you can get used to it but for me, it seems always so amazing and unreal! I am always super happy to attend such events!

Actually, we shoot those pictures in Berlin a few days ago. As I said in my last articles, I spent 2 days in the city for a blogger event with Bonprix. I have a few pictures from this event that I will share with you in another post! 

During my second day in Berlin, I had some free times before flying back home and Romina and I enjoyed a little shopping session. I mean... this city is amazing for shopping, we couldn't resist to this temptation! I literally fell in love with this trench at H&M and couldn't leave the store without it! As it was super cold, I directly wore it under my leather jacket... to be honest it wasn't super fashionable but I least it was an additional layer. I especially like the color of it which is surprisingly super easy to wear! I wore it in Verbier with a pink skirt and it looked super cool (picture coming soon too) !

I am Wearing:
Coat : H&M Trend collection
Denim : H&M
Laced Body : H&M
Watch : Nicole Vienna - available HERE

Photography by : Romina C. Blaastyle.com