Windy in Berlin.

Hello Hello ! Just came back from Munich were I spent less than 24 hours for an event. It was super quick but so awesome! I mean, traveling for the blog is simply amazing and sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize it! I don't know if you can get used to it but for me, it seems always so amazing and unreal! I am always super happy to attend such events!

Actually, we shoot those pictures in Berlin a few days ago. As I said in my last articles, I spent 2 days in the city for a blogger event with Bonprix. I have a few pictures from this event that I will share with you in another post! 

During my second day in Berlin, I had some free times before flying back home and Romina and I enjoyed a little shopping session. I mean... this city is amazing for shopping, we couldn't resist to this temptation! I literally fell in love with this trench at H&M and couldn't leave the store without it! As it was super cold, I directly wore it under my leather jacket... to be honest it wasn't super fashionable but I least it was an additional layer. I especially like the color of it which is surprisingly super easy to wear! I wore it in Verbier with a pink skirt and it looked super cool (picture coming soon too) !

I am Wearing:
Coat : H&M Trend collection
Denim : H&M
Laced Body : H&M
Watch : Nicole Vienna - available HERE

Photography by : Romina C.

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