Top&Skirt : H&M | Heels & Sunglasses : Zara | Bag : Tory Burch

On Sunday I went to Baselworld, world's biggest and most important event for the watch and jewelry industry : Trends are set at Baselworld. I am very glad to have such an important fair in my country.

I wasn't feeling very good during the day, I am feeling sick for few days but decided to go there even if I wasn't on top. I had the pleasure to meet the Carl F. Bucherer Team. I am going to talk about it tomorrow on my blog. It was such an interesting day full of enrichment. I discovered amazing collections and so much innovation.

The weather was more than beautiful, very warm and sunny. I was wearing my neoprene sweater from H&M with a tube skirt and my lovely Tory Buch's bag. I wanted a huge bag to be able to put inside all the magazines I was going to find during the fair!


Illustrations by : .Kactus

Now, you start to know her! Like every friday you can discover an illustration on my blog.
but do you know who she really is? Discover it now!

Who are you Kactus?
Hi, My name is Edwina, I'm 24 years old and I'm a graphic designer. You can find me on Facebook on the name .Kactus

How long have you been drawing?
I'm drawing for a very long time, almost 15 years. The turning point was my first manga.
Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon which were on the television every day at noon on TMC. 

What inspire you?
For a long time I draw my inspiration from the manga. But now for few month, I improved my style. I'am inspired by pictures found randomly on the web.

Who are your favorite artists?
I don't really have one. I love what Diglee or Maliki draw. I have a thing for the Art nouveau, for Klimt.

How would you describe your style?
My style is quite common. But I add my original touch by integrating pictures. My style is soft, romantic.

How are you working? Environment, Software, music?
I'm working whenever the desire to draw comes. Very often on photoshop with a "TheSoundYouNeed" playlist.

Do you have advice to give to people passionate like you?
Work, again and again! =) Draw everyday to become better.

Which are for you the key characteristics a graphic designer should have?
Being curious and being cultivated at the same time. Listening to people and observing them. Let yourself "Dream big".

What are your projects? Would you like to have one day your own comics?
No, I don't think I will make a comic. I am too lazy for that. I would like first to work on my personal style. When I will be satisfied with my illustrations, I would like to contact magazines or women website.

Last words?
Work hard, even in the dark ♡

Are you drawing? Would like to be featured on Send me your drawings at!


As we are thursday, I am going to share with you some throwback pictures #TBT. I decided today to share my worst but funniest picture I have since I started BBB.

I am always laughing for "nothing" and I definitely can't stay serious when we are shooting for the blog. Hope you will enjoy these 100% Natural pictures! Don't forget, nobody's perfect!

"A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give.  It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he cannot get along without it and none is so poor that he cannot be made rich by it.  Yet a smile cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile.  Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give."


Top & Necklace : H&M | Skirt & Heel : Zara | Rings : I am | 
Photography by Hernani

On tuesday the beautiful weather came back and I directly wanted to bring my lovely skirt from Zara back and wear it with one of my must-have for this season : The neoprene sweater. 

Like I said during my interview for a swiss newspaper (article on this link :, my favorite color for the upcoming season is pale pink. This sweater is for sure one of my better find from these past weeks. Heavy fabrics & pink? Can't ask for more! You maybe saw this sweat on my instagram (@bangbangblond), few week ago. I wore it with for my friend's birthday with a pleated mini-skirt. 

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I've got my eye on this trend!

Since few seasons you can find pieces with eyes everywhere! Thank you Kenzo for your power on the Fashion industry! On a pair of loafers, as a jewelry, on a clutch or on clothes!
In 1 word : EVERYWHERE

The symbol? I always hear it comes from Middle East.
It is a malevolent look that cause injury to the person at whom it's directed for reasons of envy. This talisman was created to protect against the evil eye.

I think we should stay safe and wear an eye-themed pieces! 


Sweat & Necklace : H&M | Pants : American Apparel | Jacket : Vila | Skirt & Boots : Zara

Skirts over pants : it is always a great debate. Many times seen on the catwalk, this is a trend from the 90's. We have to admit that the skirt is totally unnecessary  but it is exactly like an accessory.

Though the layering trend has been around for a couple of years. The "skirt over pants" layering must be one of the coolest, yet riskiest style moves you can make.

I have to admit that the weather is cold again here in Switzerland and that I don't want to wear tights anymore (spring/summer pleaseeeee comes). I wanted to wear a skirt but without to wear tights, the solution ? Layering my skirt on my trousers.

Is this a layering technique you're up for?


Pyjamas : Virtus

Happy sunday!

Escape the daily routine and treat yourself to a very special Sunday. Today you have time, take care of yourself with a luxurious bath or just relaxing.

For many women having their beauty sleep and starting the day in the right mood is the key to a day full of satisfaction and productivity. When we are sleeping we just want to feel comfortable like in this Virtus Pyjamas. 

Wish you all guys a fantastic sunday!


Illustrations by : Kactus

Amazing summer illustration by my dear Nina KactusI very much like to share her drawing with you here today! That's crazy how illustrators can be distinguished by their own personal drawing style very much like their own handwriting. Kactus knows, it’s about high waisted bikini bottoms this season!

How beautiful is this bikini? If anyone find a similar one in a store, please hit me up ! Retro and vintage modern garments have become of the norm. Get a similar bikini as Gracy Kelly in the 60's and you are ready for this summer!


Dress : GANT | Heels : Zara | Clutch : Tory Burch | Photography by my sister

Because behind everything there is an end and here is my last look in collaboration with the prestigious brand : GANT. The final dress.

Long dress are very often associated with formal occasions (wedding, cocktail, brunch), but don't forget a long dress is very elegant for everyday, comfy and very feminine. This model from Gant is very long what is even better! You can wear it with a pair of heels for a formal and chic look or with a pair of flats for a bohemian style.

Hope you enjoyed this 4 days with Gant and that you discovered the brand's new world for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection.