Tory Just launches few days ago the 12 shades lipstick collection after the success of the first lipstick color "PAS DU TOUT".

Her new beauty line is sensational. All those lipstick colors look so pretty! The fragrance, the body lotion and the make-up were launched last year. 

I love the design of the line, she works in partnership with the Estee Lauder regarding this beauty collection. I still didn't scent this perfume (I totally forgot last time I was in NY…) but I will very soon. I don't know why but I feel like I'm going to like it a lot. The good starting point is that I love the bottle, so simple but so elegant. The "Tory Burch Face Brush" is the ideal tool to have!

"I think every woman wants a beauty routine that’s easy and makes her feel great." 
T. Burch.