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This is the end of the story, New York I love you more. Now that I am back in Switzerland, it's time to look back at all those unforgettable moments. Spending 3 weeks in the city was amazing. I still have a few post shoot there to share with you but first I wanted to end the week with some Instagram pictures I took during my trip. I tried to share as much as possible with you which is a mission accomplished as I shared approximatively 150 pictures in 23 days! 

I am back home with so many memories engraved in my head. First we reached 10K on Instagram on the first day I was there, what an amazing gift to have you all with me in this adventure! Attending the New York Fashion Week was incredible and I definitely can't wait to rock some new style next seasons! Braving the cold weather wasn't easy at all, can you believe that I survived at -20°C? 

I would like to say a special thank you to Redken, Zalando, Shashi, Hare and HartSwarovski and also to miu miu, prada and Dolce&Gabanna for all those amazing sunglasses that I've been rocking everyday! I also want to thanks those girls behind the camera, Jordan M Ball, Kelsea Kosko and my dear friend Romina from

xxx BBB


  1. looks like you reeeeally enjoyed that !! pretty cool collection of pics and outfits girl :-)

  2. Loved all your images, and congrats on getting invited to all the shows girl!

    Lauren x

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  3. I had such a great time! I want to go back to New Yorkkkkk ^^

    Thanks a lot for your comment xxx

  4. Love all of your photos! New York is simply the best.