Hi from New York! I am writing this article at 10pm which means approximatively 4am in Switzerland, I am giving my last energy for this article before to fall asleep in my new yorker's apartment. I am so happy to be here and my place for the next days is very very cool and well situated! With all the snow we had today I wasn't sure to be able to leave but we did it, 3 hours later than scheduled but I am here.

As I promised, here is a special article about Packing. As a fashion blogger you may know that this is something very important as we want all our favourite pieces with us while traveling. There is a lot of snow here in New York and I needed some warm clothes and pair of boots which is very heavy. This time it was quiet impossible to travel "light" as I am going to stay in the cold New York for more than 3 weeks. 

When you leave your home for a few weeks you better get organised if you don't want to forget anything. I started a list on my phone a few weeks ago and every time something came out from my head I wrote a little note. I started packing almost a week ago, Everyday I came out from my closet a few things and put them on a table in my room and I always pack by category. This is the best option as you keep everything on hand and it also give you the possibility to think about it. 

How did I do my bags selection? As I can't take all my bags with me, I had to do some smart choices. Rule N°1 : Take different style and different size. Be ready to have the right bag for every occasions.

I carry all me "precious" things inside of little bags. A drama can happen so fast, your bags or pair of shoes can be scratched or a shampoo can flow everywhere. I am sure that you don't want your branded bag scratched by a pair of shoes or something else!


  1. Big love for all your beautiful clothes and accessoires <3


  2. Love love love the accessories you show on the pictures! :) It is a nice article because everyone know how difficult it could be to pack especially if you love fashion. I am doing it like you more or less :)

    Best regards,