Ray of Lights.

Photography by May.

Hello Good morning! I am running on vacay time with my articles on the blog but holiday season is for everybody right? 

So here is a look we shoot a few days ago with my talented friend May. I've been lately literally in love with this new faux fur jacket that my friend offered me for my birthday! To be honest with you, I almost wear it everyday since I got it! Unfortunately , you can't see all the details of this jacket on the pictures but it's bi-material and there is so many details on the back, just crazy! luv it!

Today is about to be a very busy day as I am about to work with my mother on tonight dinner. We still have so much to do and without to mention that I still have a few gifts missing... well I found 1 on 3 that I need... So it's literally going to be a crazy busy day! This christmas is quite special as for the first time since ages we are going to do a little dinner at my parents place. We used to celebrate with my entire family (~30 persons) and grand parents but unfortunately my grand mother passed away at the beginning of the year so we decided to have a small & cozy christmas at home. 

I won't be any longer, I wish you all a fabulous christmas, eat a lot, drink a lot and give a lot! It's only once a year so enjoy the moment as much as you can!

By the way, the winner of the last contest on the blog is Jessica K. ! Congrats to her and I will come with much more giveaway for you next year! 

Outfit of the day
Pants "Culotte" : Zara
Turtle Neck : Zara
Jacket : H&M trend collection
Boots : Zara
Bag : Zara

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