Happy Birthday !

Hello Hello everybody! Here I am, a bit older but still the same! 

I've been thinking a lot about how to celebrate my birthday this year. My main idea was to have a dinner with my family on that day and organising at home a little party for my main friends during the weekend. As some of them were already busy on saturday night (yes.. I often do things last minute and told them only a few days before^^), I decided to host a little dinner on Sunday night! Food Food Food, most of you already know my family tradition :  McDonald's on Sunday evening. So can you guess what I decided to cook for my guest? Homemade Burgers! Let me describe how it was in one word  : DELICIOUS!

I spent such a fabulous evening eating my favorite food with all my favorite people around me (some of them were unfortunately missing).  So now discover some pictures of my friends & I!

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