Aloha everybody, today I am inspired by my sister's future vacation. Can you guess where is she going in a few weeks? Hawaii. Ok I admit, I am jealous! Wow, when she said that to me, I wanted to cry (Joy and sadness)! I spent almost 3 months there a few years ago and this is the most beautiful and amazing place I have been in my life! I really wish that one day in my life, I will go back there. When you live here in Europe, this is the kind of destination that will totally change you forever! I still can't realize I went there and it was 3 years ago, so can you understand the effect it had on me? I feel like


Here is my inspiration today, it's all about hawaiian spirit. A cool backpack for a amazing trip near the volcano. A pair of Birkenstock-inspired sandals for a comfortable shopping to the Ala Moana mall, which is the best mall I've never been. An elegant hat and a trendy pair of sunnies for a long and sunny day on the famous Waikiki beach. The last but not the least, a good after sun to apply on your skin before to sleep to be ready for another day on the beach!

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