Good morning guys! How are you today? Can you guess what is today's topics? DETOXXXXXING

Last friday I had the opportunity to try a 1-day detox with Fit'n'tasty, which is a swiss company that deliver to your door healthy menu and detox program. It was for me the first time I was doing a juice cleanse and I was very excited about it. What is very good with this detox program is that you can eat for the lunch, which make me feel more confident about it. All the juices are freshly pressed with organic fruits and vegetable, what else? Here is a little resume of my detox. I read a lot of things about detoxing and cleansing and our body need to eliminate the harmful toxins. It is very important to maintain our energy and vitality. We all know that fruits & vegetables are good for us and we can't eat too much of them. It wasn't a huge challenge for me to do it, I simply love fruits and vegetables and could eat/drink only that all day everyday of my life. 

I received my lovely juices on thursday morning, I felt like christmas when they arrived. How cute is the bottle's design and those fresh colors? As I was going to have a busy day, I decided to start on friday morning (You have 3 days to drink them). The juices I received have on the bottle all the informations needed like the time at which I have to drink it. I started my detox when I woke up. I was a little hungry around 11am after my 3rd juice. I usually eat eggs or Granola in the morning and was more hungry than usually but it wasn't a bad feeling at all. The Juice "Wake me up" wasn't my favorite. I am not a huge cucumber fan though, so I found the cucumber-banana-Spinach hard to swallow at 8 in the morning but it is the only "bad" things during my day. For the lunch, I ate something light and healthy. During the afternoon everything went well and I wasn't hungry at all.

What I liked :

- I felt lighter and healthier
- The amounts of vitamins fuel me for a few days and I was full of energy
- It motivated me to eat healthier (except my McDonald's on Sunday, which is a tradition)
- The juices were delicious and it was a pleasure to drink them

What I didn't like :

- I was very tired during the day and was obsessed about coffee! I wanted to drink one just to wake up a little but I thought it would be very "stupid" to drink coffee on a detox day... so I drank a lot of water instead. I was missing coffee during the afternoon, I am a huge coffee lover.
- The cucumber juice at 8am was kind of hard for me, but it is simply because I am not a fan of that vegetable.

I will recommend this detox to all of you. It is good way to kick start and it will give you a lot of motivation for an healthy lifestyle. Don't hesitate to ask me every question you want about this 1-day juice detox and if you are living in Switzerland and are interested check on for more informations about the program. Have a fresh day!


  1. Fit 'n' TastySeptember 10, 2014 at 10:50 AM

    Lovely post & we love the pictures <3

  2. I do love juicing (even if the process is a pain!) these are such cute bottles!

    Lauren x

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