No I'am not an outlaw or a bad girl but you can call me Bandida. Why? All women in this world have a part of "Bandida" inside of her. I am expressing myself through my style and my personality, which means I am a Fashion Bandida. 

Bang Bang, I shot you down

Since I am a very young girl, I've been always interested in fashion and always kept my eyes on new trends. My mother always taught me to not care about what people think and she always allowed me to wear all the things I wanted. I remember to have heard a lot of criticisms about what I was wearing and I still hear but you know, I've never care about people opinions. It has always been one of my greatest strength, I hear and think about it but rarely change my vision of it. I have strong ideas in my head and when I have something in mind, nobody is able to change it. I don't ask people to validate my choices. Sure sometimes, I realise later that I was wrong or that I shouldn't have done this but at least the only person in charge is me. It doesn't mean at all that I am doing all the time "stupid" things, I am just responsible for myself. 

All I wanted to say today, is be a BANDIDA. Do whatever you want to do and be confident. Have your own opinions before asking anybody else. You don't need people to validate you, no one else really knows what is the best for you, except you.

xxx, BBB

- I am wearing - 
Bandana : Maje, similar here
Trench Coat : H&M, similar here
Short : No brand
Sweater : Soft Grey, available here & similar here
Heels : Steve Madden
Ring : Petit Sesame, available here

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  1. Great look!