After a weekend well spent with a wonderful weather. I am always impressed how the temperature can go up so fast, we had something like 20°C yesterday! In April we can always be surprised by the weather which can be very summery and also sometime very chilly. It's time to wear our mid-season outfits!

I am currently totally obsessed with wide leg pants also known as "Palazzo" Pants. This is a must have for your closet this season and can be wear for day/night time. I especially like this kind of "flowy" Bohemian model perfect for summer and for the heat of summer.It will give to  you a very elongated silhouette if you decided to wear it with heel but in my look I wanted to feel comfortable with flats. It will give you a look way more relaxed, easy, cool if you wear it with flat sandals. It is a original alternative to the maxi skirt. 

In this look you may be surprised by the fact that I added extra volume on top with this satin jacket. Wearing volume on volume is not always bad if you don't go too extreme! 

- I am wearing - 
Jacket : Zara
Pants : H&M
Top : Zara
Sandals : Fashion friends
Bag : Tory Burch 
Sunglasses : Céline


  1. Such a nice casual outfit! Love the pants!

  2. The trousers aren't something I could get away with but you rock these! I also like the shirt and bag! <3

  3. haha i would look very VERY bad in these trousers but you look stunning !

  4. Ecléctica & ChicApril 13, 2015 at 4:53 PM

    Amazing stylish outfit! Love the colors and the layers!

  5. That outfit look so comfortable and very nice!

  6. These trousers are awesome! Like the style!

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