Good morning all my lovely peeps! Today it will be an article with a lot of "YEAH" "SO COOL" and "CAN'T WAIT"! Why? Because tomorrow I am going on vacay(yeahhhh)! 

You already know how much I love traveling and how much I love discovering new places. This time it will be a kind of important travel for me as I am going back home! As you probably know, I was born in Canada and lived there until I was 5 years old before coming to Switzerland. It's been something like 12 years since I haven't been there and I am just so excited about it! I will stay very active on the blog and on the social networks so make sure to follow my Canadian adventures!

As always before leaving we have the lovely packing session to do and I am still not good at it. Packing is always terrible because I always want to take my entire wardrobe and all my things with me. Do I have to mention the sunglasses problem? I am always taking most of them with me and put them in my purse because I am too scared breaking them if I leave them in my suitcases.... The funny things is when I got checked at the airport, a girl with 7 pair of sunglasses in her bag? This is suspicious...hahaha. Whatever happens, my new pair of Cerjo shades that I am wearing on those pictures are for sure coming with me in MontrĂ©al, I love the "badass" style they give me! I am also going to take this casual tee from which is the kind of basic to have with you on vacation!

Today is going to be a long and busy day, exactly how I love them. First because I have my luggages to do and I promise it will take me hours even if I already started and also because I have an important meeting in Geneva during the afternoon. Busy bee, the next days are going to be exciting!

muah muahhhhhh, talk to you soon!


Tee :
Bag : Tory Burch
Blazer : Zara
Rings 18ct gold: Love Is, available here
Sandals : Zara


  1. Perfect outfit! Love the sandals so much!

  2. Boyfriend jeans and heels always look so good, makes me want to buy a pair for myself! Enjoy Canada lovely

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  3. Super chick look my Dear!

  4. such a cool look - have fun in Canada!

  5. That boyfriend is perfect and looks great on you.

    xoxo Christina