Success story à la Française, ba&sh

A few weeks ago at the opening of the first ba&sh store in Switzerland (Geneva), I had the pleasure to meet and interview two incredible women, Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief the two creators of the French brand ba&sh.

During this special moment shared with them, I felt a symbiosis between the two childhood friends. They complete each other sentences, Barbara speaks on Sharon's name and conversely. While the waiter offers us a chocolate, Sharon exclaims: "Barbara, don't you like it? Because if Barbara does not like it, I'll love it! Contrary to fashion, we don't have at all the same taste with food." Humble and proud of the success achieved with their brand, they always exclaim theirself with a ton of enthusiasm when they talk about their collections. Mostly inspired by their friends and themselves, the collections are conceived in function of their wishes and needs. A success story à la française that was born with one and single goal: Creating a project together.

Barbara and Sharon launched the brand ba&sh in 2003 and it is almost by chance, as they both don't come from the fashion industry. Barbara was working as a PR and Sharon was a lawyer. While they could have opened a restaurant or a café, an investor offered them the opportunity to start a prêt-à-porter business. Without any idea about the fashion business, the two women decided to position theirself with a consumer vision by creating a brand that would be between the luxe and the mass market. High-quality products with affordable prices.

We often say that difference is an asset. A true story for the brand ba&sh. Two different women with an unwavering friendship, their different ideas and desires enrich each of their collections. "If Barbara wants to create a model that I do not like, it does not matter because there are a lots of ba&sh women! So we produce it and include this piece in our collection". The two women work in the same office close to each other. They are always aware of each other activities.

"Our strength is probably that we don’t come from the fashion industry but from the Street.” The story of the brand is based on a great friendship. Unpretentious, they have embarked on an adventure where passion, friendship and hard work drove them to success.

The ba&sh woman is a woman who loves life, an happy womand who likes traveling and who is active. She looks like Barbara & Sharon friends. The ba&sh woman is evolving with Barbara & Sharon, she takes care of her. Even a Yoga collection is coming soon!

"We create and produce at first what we want to wear!" This season, both of them are craving for capes, belted coats and can't wait for spring to wear long printed dresses. When I ask them which essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe, they answered me without any hesitation: "A little black dress and a Jeans, we all need a great pair of jeans!”

After developing their brand to the international, our 2 French designers have a crazy dream: “Why not opening a ba&sh hotel" they said. "A place where we could receive our friends and sharing some good times!"

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