H&M loves music, because music and fashion inspire and change trends.

H&M is one of the main sponsor during the most "fashion-y" Coachella festival in California where they organized since a few years one of the most VIP fashion party! H&M often sponsor trendy festival and artists and for the second year this famous swedish brand is sponsoring the Caprices festival in Switzerland (Crans-Montana). 

The similarities between these 2 festivals? They start on the same day (April 11) but in two opposite places in the world. Everywhere in the world you will only hear one thing this weekend : Music !

I am very happy to tell you that I am leaving on friday with the H&M team to enjoy an amazing weekend in Crans-Montana where the Caprices Festival will take place! I am very excited but now it's time to think about the "Festival-look" ! I don't know right now what am I going to take with me but the new collection from H&M inspire me a lot! Here is one of my favorite pieces from the collection H&M ♡ MUSIC.

H&M ♡ Music | Caprice festival