Illustrations by : Kactus.

Good morning world, it was the last alarm before the weekend. I know it is always so hard to wake up. I am definitely not a morning person! I thought I was...

I go to bed late every night and 
I realize it was bad idea every morning.

On this friday morning, I have to pick up my sister at the airport. She is coming back from Hawaii where she spent 2 weeks vacations. She was supposed to arrived yesterday afternoon but unfortunately her flight had 6 hours delay. She had to sleep 1 night in London before to be able to come back to Switzerland. I can't wait to see her and to know how was her Hawaiian trip!

I am still so sad about not having my MacBook anymore. I have to write from my dad's computer and I really hate that. I received an estimate of costs to repair it: 1600.- CHF. Hell no, it means the prices of a new one (even more)... I will get a new one very soon, I can't live without my computer.

Enjoy your crazy friday guys! 

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