10 facts about me

1. I can't go outside without eyeliner on my eyes
2. My closet seems always empty
3. My eyebrow raises unintentionally
4. A new pair of shoes can bring my smile back
5. I love Mcdonald's
6. I am not a Rich kids and I know the value of a Chanel Bag...
7. I am clumsy
8. Single lady who think Prince charming exists (...well not
9. If you wake me up, I may be a bitch a few hours
10. I never know what I want to eat but I love eating.

Today I wanted to talk about my everyday routine. During summer, my make up is done in less than 15 min. A light foundation, winged eyeliner, mascara, some eyelight in the inner corner & of course bronzing powder. I can't stand having a bold make-up when it's hot outside, I love the "nude" style and we don't need to much foundation with our summery tan! Exactly like on my "PhotoBooth" pictures, discover below the products used:)

I never take more than 20 min to get dressed except when I have what I call a "outfit Blackout". You probably know what it is... you watch you closet and you feel like you have nothing to wear....! Summer is also the best period for getting some pieces in sale. Zara, H&M, Zalando offer us some great products in sale and it's time to think about autumn! I always think about getting some basics for the next season and also some pants/jeans to wear in the next months. 

Tiara :

Make-up on the pictures :
Dior NUDE foundation :
Bobby Brown bronzing powder :
Dolce & Gabbanna Palette :
Giorgio Armani Mascara :
Dior "Diorshow Artpen" eyeliner :


  1. you really are beautiful ! :) and had these sandals in denim version - was forced to return them cause they were too uncomfy for my feet :(

  2. Of course prince Charming exists! He'll run into you eventually :-) In summer my make-up routine tends to be bit quicker as well. I skip a lot of steps, so that shortens the whole thing. I kind of like it! Saves me time in the morning.