Sometimes you find in your wardrobe an old coat and you are like "God, I totally forget about this one!", in fact this is exactly what happens with this leopard wool coat. It's cool because I fell like I had something new to wear, haha! 

I am pretty sure that everybody have those feelings, the feelings that you have nothing to wear anymore... Is that because we have too many clothes? It happens to me very often but I guess it is simply because I forget about many pieces I have. You know exactly what I am talking about, right? When it happens to me, I just try to make a bit of cleaning in my closet and I discover so many "forgotten" pieces! I also sometimes build my outfit around 1 single piece, for example I choose a pair of shoes that I really want to wear and I go from this. It helps me when I have what I call "A fashion Blackout"!

And you know what? If you really don't find anything to wear in your closet, GO SHOPPING! Hahaha, ok it is maybe not the best idea but maybe a new piece will inspire you for many outfits! 

- I am wearing -
Coat : Vila
Sweat/Dress : H&M
Hat : H&M


  1. Love the sweater dress with the knee high boots and the jacket is beautiful!

  2. Perfect match! Always looked for the perfect Overknees.

    xoxo Christina