Isabel Marant for H&M

The countdown has started, in few days all the fashionistas will run to the Isabel Marant Collection for H&M. Will you be one of them ? 

I'm personally working during the launch (14 Nov), I'm not sure if I will take part of this "event". I love the collection but I think that it's is still kind of expensive. I always had a problem with the designer's collection for H&M. I'm sorry to say that but in my mind it will still be from H&M... I really like H&M and I buy a lot of clothes there but for the price of some pieces from the collection, why not buy a real piece from Isabel Marant (official) ?! Because when you see the price of the red jacket (399.- CHF), Ok this jacket is just gorgeous and I would love to have it in my closet but I will never spend that much for a H&M collection.

Hope you guys who's going there will survive because I heard that some people are going crazy!!! Be ready for the war and If you have the wanted piece in your hands don't let anyone else take it from you! I will maybe go one or two days later to see what people returns and after the storm I will try some pieces quietly in the changing room. Maybe I will fall in ♡ with one of them (I had a little crush on the leather pants^^)!

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