Layering with the Sleeveless vest.

It's actually still very warm here for a November month and to be honest I don't how should I get dress anymore...It's warm but then if you are to the shade, its really chilly so what should we do? Layering, layering and layering! take-off, Put on, Take-off, Put on ! That's it, all day everyday! ^^ We love you beautiful fall weather! Oh and yes, I recently fell in love with this sleeveless Zara vest which is the kind of piece that can be worn every season. I especially love this deep burgundy color and the material which is very chic.

Did you know that I am literally obsessed with sunglasses? haha I guess you know it but it's crazy how I can't resist to a beautiful pair of shades! So welcome to those new Dior in my sunnies collection^^ I wanted them for such a long time and we you see a little discount on them... you just can't resist anymore! A messy half-bun is most of the time my to-go hairstyle! I really take me 3 seconds to do which is perfect as the point is that it looks as messed as possible!


Outfit of the day

Jeans : H&M
Sleeveless vest : Zara, available here or similar here
Sweater : La Redoute 
Bag : Gucci, available here
Sunglasses : Dior
Boots : Zara
Earrings : Brandy Melville

Get a sleeveless Vest here :

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