Born to wear a pair of Dr. Martens : Yes they are back in season. The flat boots are back on top since the launch of the Balanciaga cut out boots. Before these boots where more for the people who had a grunge or punk look but now you can wear them in various  elegant ways! This model of a boot is such a timeless one. Easy to wear with everything during every seasons. My friends offered me a pair for my birthday, can't wait to received them! You can find a lot of models on or on If you don’t like Dr. Martens you can find different models of laced boots on or even on

Born to wear a knit sweater : I think when it’s really cold you better wear a warm knit sweater! This is a very important piece you need in many colors and in many styles just because they are so warm yet so stylish! You can mix them in with your everyday outfit  to create your own look! With skinny jeans for a casual look, with a skirt (short or long) for an elegant one, you can wear it under an overall or you can wear a shirt under. Just a easy way to stay warm and look good! You can find very cool knifed sweaters on, on, on or on

Born to wear a Beanie : Yes, sometimes we wear our beanies just for fun but sometimes it is very usefull to keep our heads warm. If you are wearing a very chic and elegant outfit, wearing a beanie will break the « chic » attitude. To avoid from that happening, don't be afraid to take a colorful one or even one with a slogan on it. I find my favorite ones on and for special models on

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