B. Drawed by Nina - Bykactus
I'm in love with shoes. It is more than just an addiction, I am passionate about it!

Since a young age I've been buying shoes and I must say I have one too many in my closet already. Like all shoe addicts I believe we all buy too many and only use them once or twice. The bad part about it is that I may not ever even wear them again.

I love to discover new trends and try wearing all kind of shoes. I often wear heels because I feel like it is more feminine and makes a women feel like a women. In addition to getting a nicer body and curves. Fortunately for us girls this season we have been a costumed to wearing a lot of flats. I am sure it all has to do with the new trend of course. A pair of shoes can just simply complete your outfit. They are as important as your clothes can be. 

Buying shoes is one of my favorite things to do when I'm traveling abroad. I discover new shops, new brand and  new styles. I can easily stay in stores for hours just browsing around for shoes (or also buying them all). I usually come back home with few new pairs, usually buy them different than anything we can find here in Switzerland.

Here is one of my favorite models right now, you can find all these models on (international delivery)

All about Black


  1. Love the illustration!

  2. Loving your own draw!
    The selection of booties is awesome,
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