Coat : Sandro | Sweater : Anouk | Shorts : Zara | Sneakers : Ash | Photography by : Kactus.

It's christmas next week right? It doesn't seem like without any snow here in Switzerland. It can't be a real Christmas without it. Makes me sad to not see all the snow falling while I lay in my cozy bed at night. I live close to Montreux where there is a wonderful Christmas market every year, I go often there to eat some delicious waffles, drink christmas tea, buy some christmas gifts. (i must admit, I am the kind of person who loves christmas and everything that comes with it). I think a lot of you are already on holidays or will be very soon. Unfortunately for me, I'm stuck  working on the 24th and on the 26th Christmas will just last one day for me and then I will have to go back to the office. Which I'm not so happy about. Anyway with or without snow, it's very cold and we have to all wear our cozy winter outfits! 

Just to add to my collection of warm winter coats I just got a new coat from Sandro! I received it from my family for my birthday last week. I was obsessed for years regarding Sandro's coats, they are just so perfect to me. I was so surprised to receive that on my birthday, for the first time I couldn't imagine what I was going to receive (I use to be very good at producing what I would get). The quality of this coat is incredible. It's made of wool which will keep me warm all winter long. Did you see the wonderful fur-lined Hood? In love with! Sandro will not leave me anymore, Welcome me in to the #Sandroteam. 


  1. Simplemente perfecta, me gusta muchísimo tu estilo, una elección de 10

  2. coat looks amazing. what is it called? does it have a model number or something? i would love to look it up :)