flared denim & Suede

Photography by : St├ęphane Mirao

Holla ! How are you guys today? Fall outfit are officially back with the low temperature we actually have in Switzerland, 13-15°C...). Does it make me feel happy? Hell yeah! As I said to you, Fall is for sure my favourite season to get dress! Pants, jacket, boots, derbies, scarf, trench & light coat are all the pieces I love wearing during this period of the year!

Following the 70's trend, the denim and suede are everywhere! In this look I played with these 2 materials and with the flare pants which is not always easy to wear, I admit. 

Jacket : Zara (here)
Jeans : H&M
Tee : H&M
Belt : YSL, vintage
Boots : San Marina
Sunglasses : Artisans glasses, available HERE

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