The calm before the storm.

After a busy weekend spent with my closest friends and now fuelled with postive energy, it's time to start a brand new week and this week is going to be what I will call :
"the calm before the storm". 

Big NEWS !!!! I am going to Berlin on Friday morning to attend the Lolapalooza Festival! I am invited by Zalando to spend the weekend with their team. - I am so excited! First, I LOVE festivals and I can't wait to discover this one. Second, because I am so happy to have the opportunity to visit the Zalando Showroom (sounds crazy right?) and because everything sounds like an amazing program!

Ok, so then after getting wild in Berlin, I am coming back home on Monday evening and guess what? I am leaving on Tuesday morning for some vacation in Italy! Straight from the cold Germany to the warm south of Italy! Can you hear my happiness? After dancing, screaming and singing at the Festival in Berlin, I will relax and tan! It's sounds like heaven...-Amen-

I am coming back on Sunday evening from Italy and as we say..."Never twice without thrice", I am then going back to Germany! Not Berlin but Munich for a special event with the famous jewellery brand Thomas ! Germany - Italy - Germany, I love this kind of "sandwich" schedule!

Skirt : Pull & Bear
Shirt : La Redoute
Bag : Gucci mini soho
Sunglasses : Karen Walker
Derbies : Minelli

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